Thank you for considering KSP

Searching for a photographer to freeze the emotion you are feeling is a very personal process.  And I understand it well.  Within every photograph I create, I find the emotion.  I'm drawn to it.  It is normal to feel vulnerable in front of the camera, but I am here to make it easy, comfortable, and, I promise, fun.  You will find there are two types of photographers; those that simply document moments and those, like myself, that reach much further and find the real you.  And what you decide depends solely on the how you wish to feel when you view that image you hold in your hand; nothing or everything.

Take a moment to wander the galleries to experience my perspective.  You will find emotion, connection, symmetry, storytelling, non-tradition, fashionably posed images that will last you a lifetime.

The prices below represent current packages.  If you would like more information, please email me - I am always here to help.

Weddings        Boudoir        Seniors        Family Portraits       Tween           Head Shots     

1900                   425               395                   199+                       99                    375/5

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