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average investment


Retainer Fee: $195                                                                                            Collections begin: $295

Includes 2-3hr photo session, travel, location,  expertise,                         Prints begin:          $ 55

style design and assistance                                                                            Wallets - 8             $ 29


Hair: $75, Makeup: $75

Both: $130 Save $20

Minimum Order $250 - *does not include retainer fee

SENIOR GIRLS: You have the option to begin your day with a KSP makeup artist and hair stylist who uses only the best HD camera ready products on your face and hair to make you look your best for your senior portraits! She can actually waterproof your airbrush makeup and make your hair humidity resistant, which is PARAMOUNT when it comes heat and humidity! You don’t want to sweat your makeup off or your hair to frizz out or lose its curl!  Every KSP senior gets to choose her own style in order for your images to reflect your personality. Want to get all glammed up? Great! KSP  can do that! Want to keep it natural? Perfect! You can do that too! It really is completely up to you! After you are camera ready, you will begin your senior portrait session! Kelly  will help you with your outfits and make sure that each outfit matches the according location.  You will then begin the shooting portion of your session!  Kelly strives to make sure you’re comfortable in front of the lens and will show extensive details for natural posing in every way. You can be assured that your session will be one of your favorite senior memories! In order to book your one of a kind Kelly Shallo  Photography Senior Portrait Experience, please contact us through our contact form below. By contacting us for your session, you will receive a digital Senior Magazine complete with extensive details of the KSP Experience. The magazine includes detailed pricing, frequently asked questions, and the KSP timeline.    SENIOR GUYS: We know you like to keep it simple.  And that you like to be photographed sometimes with  your with your toys, trucks, cars. KSP is always willing to accommodate you to make your experience a good one.  We will always assist you and recommend wardrobe ideas to fit your locations too. 


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